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Coach AK is a Certified Sports Performance Specialist, NCAA Recruiting Coach, Philanthropist, Educator, and Speaker. Ask Coach AK is a free resource for high school athletes, parents, and coaches who are interested in gaining an advantage in improving athletic performance and navigating the college recruiting process. Coach AK was a 4-Time All-American dual sport athlete from the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon who struggled as a high school athlete academically and athletically. He managed to receive a minimal scholarship to the University of Colorado to extend his sports to the collegiate level.

Coach AK understands the struggle many high school athletes experience when trying to contact college coaches with no response. He understands when athletic performances hits a plateau and reaching your goals seems like an impossible dream. Life as a high school and college athlete can be challenging, but there is no need to start at step 1.

Ask Coach AK is a tool for athletes, parents, and coaches who want to

Our mission is to empower and educated student athletes, parents, and coaches in developing solid athletic development and cr

Why I do what I do: I do what I do, because I wish I had this resource when I was struggling to navigate my own athletic development and college recruiting process. It wasn't until many years later until I realized that I was wasting time and losing out in thousands of scholarship dollars.

My goal: My goal is to educate and empower student athletes, parents, and coaches in maximizing athletic performance as well as assist them in the college recruiting process.