Getting Out of A Rut | Les Brown Unstuck (Inspirational)


There are many individuals who truly inspire and motivate me to be a better person. If you have ever read the bestselling book "Think and Grow Rich" by Nepolean Hill, you will come upon a passage where he discusses creating a power team. A power team is a group of individuals who you will consult in your times a great wisdom. Now these individuals do not need to be present or even alive. Don't be alarmed! This is not Ouija or witchcraft. It is merely creating a group of individuals in which you aspire to be.

For example, in my power team I have Tony Robbins (), Brian Tracy (), Jesus (), Tim Ferris, (), Ghandi (), My father (), Barack Obama (), and Les Brown(). When I am searching for guidance in a particular area, like sales. I meet with my counsel and ask Brian Tracy for guidance and direction. If I am facing a moral dalima, I ask for guidance from Jesus Christ, and finally when I want to get out of a rut, I contact Les Brown. Les Brown has lifted me up and pushed me through many difficult times.

If you're ever in a rout and you need to find your chi in 45 minutes or less, I promise you that this video will get you there. Les Brown has an amazing story and his words will not only get you out of your rut, but it will also inspire you to begin to follow your dreams.

You're going to have some up, and you're going to have some downs. But during those down moments, that's where the growth takes place.

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AK Ikwuakor (“Coach AK”) is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Sports Performance Specialist, and NCAA Certified College Recruiting Coach, and former 4x All-American Division 1 Collegiate Athlete that uses his talents to inspire others domestically and internationally through speaking engagements, philanthropy, clinics, consulting and athletic performance training. Coach AK has worked with over 1000 athletes all over the world and is the founder of Empower 2 Play.

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